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VR Performance Le Bal de Paris Opens a New Chapter in the Performing Arts

, The National Performing Arts Center National Theater and Concert Hall

Created by the Spanish choreographer Blanca Li, the VR immersive performance Le Bal de Paris is a performance that perfectly blends the boundaries between the virtual and the real and won the Best Interactive VR Experience Award at the 2021 Venice Film Festival VR Expanded. After receiving thousands of visitors in Europe, Le Bal de Paris is finally making its debut in Asia in Taipei ,presented as the opening program for TIFA 2023 at The National Performing Arts Center National Theater and Concert Hall from February 18 to March 4, 2023.

Blanca Li is a choreographer, dancer and director. Since 2019, she has been a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts, and artistic director of Teatros del Canal in Madrid. She is continuously seeking new innovations in the interdisciplinary fields to bring experimental performing art projects to global audiences. Building on this interest, Le Bal de Paris is an immersive, participatory and interactive VR experience in which 10 spectators and 2 professional dancers perform the main characters in a physical space. Each spectator can move freely in the space and interact with dancers and each other in reality. Music and dance merge with VR to offer viewers an innovative, festive, and artistic journey, involving all the senses and the entirety of the body. In the avatar selection in advance of the start, each viewer can dress up their virtual avatars with fabulous costumes designed by Chanel. Then, spectators head off on an expedition through different universes to follow the love story of the protagonist Adele.

Blanca Li says “In this show, the presence of dancers, the festive mood from music and songs, choice of avatars, of language, and a story everybody can follow, make it an experience suitable for all audiences, an unmatched creative entertainment in the world. One that reveals the potential of VR technology, above the level so far reached.”

The 1-hour immersive performance is an extravagant journey filled with spectacular landscapes, glamourous contours and dazzling entertainment. Viewers travel in the dreamy virtual world enjoying a grand banquet hall, a magical garden party and finally The Moulin Rouge, completing this breath-taking experience. Le Bal de Paris is a fantastic and totally groundbreaking show to be enjoyed with friends or family. It is a true feast in Virtual Reality.

Creative Team
Design, libretto, direction and choreography | Blanca Li
Original music and musical direction | Tao Gutierrez
Direction of visual creation | Vincent Chazal
Costumes | Chanel
Virtual Reality Development | BackLight Studio

Official VR partner | HTC Vive
VR Program partner | VIVE Arts

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