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International Debut – Eternal Notre-Dame Immersive Exhibition in Taiwan

, National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung

In 2019, a devastating fire engulfed Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, capturing the world’s attention and prompting an immense outpouring of support. Cutting-edge digital technologies are being used to facilitate the meticulous restoration of the cathedral. At the same time, virtual reality is bringing the cathedral back to life, allowing a wide audience to experience and appreciate its profound historical and artistic significance while it is closed to the public.

‘Eternal Notre-Dame’ is a virtual reality experience that allows participants to step into Notre-Dame Cathedral and to fully immerse themselves in its timeless grandeur while it is undergoing reconstruction. This extraordinary journey unveils the cathedral's invaluable artifacts and artistic treasures, affording viewers an unparalleled insight into the sanctity, history, and enduring legacy of this revered sanctuary.

Participants create avatars and navigate freely through a virtual realm, surrounded by and interacting with fellow explorers, thanks to free-roaming technology. They can examine various details of Notre-Dame Cathedral, including the Portal of the Last Judgment, the altar, the vaults, the intricate rose windows and the majestic organ. This interactive experience offers a captivating exploration of Notre-Dame’s rich historical evolution spanning across the ages. The adventure culminates with an elevator ascent to the 69-meter-high bell tower, immersing participants in the enchanting resonance of the bells. Stepping outside the tower, they can take in the panoramic view of Paris as envisioned by the illustrious author Victor Hugo.

‘Eternal Notre-Dame’ is a collaboration between the French telecommunications operator Orange, the Diocese of Paris and the Public Establishment in charge of the conservation and restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is produced by Excurio and supported by HTC VIVE and VIVE Arts. It premiered in Paris in January 2022, receiving widespread acclaim.

In 2023, ‘Eternal Notre-Dame’ will make its debut in Taiwan at the 4th Exhibition Hall of the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung City, from August 25 until March 2024. For further details, please visit the official ticketing website.

This exhibition is presented by Taiwan’s premier VR technology company, HTC, in collaboration with VIVE Arts. It is co-hosted by the Kaohsiung City Economic Development Bureau and the National Science and Technology Museum, with the support of the Digital Development Department’s Digital Industry Bureau, the Kaohsiung City Government and the Ministry of Culture Taiwan.

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