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Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate

, Pérez Art Museum, Miami

On the 4th of December, Marco Brambilla, a film director and artist, debuted his virtual reality artwork Heaven’s Gate in the VIVE Flow as part of Miami Beach's private viewing event at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. VIVE Arts have also supported the exhibition, curated by Franklin Sirmans and Maritza Lacayo, by providing VIVE Focus 3 and offering visitors an opportunity to view Heaven's Gate as an immersive experience.

Heaven's Gate guides the viewer through a hyperreal textured landscape of iconic cinematic stills and clips. Brambilla's digital collage creates a 'totem' sourced from contemporary blockbusters, Golden Age Hollywood films and clips from news and entertainment that, as the viewers watch, have become instantly recognisable and embedded within our collective visual consciousness. As we ascend through the overwhelming and infinitely looping spectacle of Hollywood glamour and fantasy, Brambilla questions our relationship to consumption and excess.

Marco Brambilla is an internationally acclaimed film director and video installation artist and his work is held in the collections of MoMA, Guggenheim, SFMOMA, and ARCO Foundation.

Heaven's Gate debut in the VIVE Flow also marks the first time an artwork has been viewed in this new product. VIVE Arts and Brambilla's team collaborated on pushing the technological capabilities of VIVE Flow to create a compelling 360 audio-visual experience.

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