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Screen Art: Metaverse Avatar

, VIVE Arts NFT Platform

VIVE Arts and  Screen art are delighted to present a first-time collaboration of NFT project: Metaverse Avatar.

Metaverse Avatar is a unique collection of NFT artworks by emerging and established Chinese artists, curated by the HK-based art collective Screen Art. The works presented in the collection offer a range of artistic interpretations on the concept of virtual identity in the ever-evolving metaverse space. Using new visual languages, digital artists aimed to created imaginary environments that reflects the multiple dimensions of our perception of the digital existence. The collection draws upon a mix forms of technology as storytelling tools, such as Generative art, machine learning, 3D sculpture, AI-robot and XR. These digital narratives manifest our quotidian imagination, blurring the borders between the virtual world and the reality.

The auction sale will be held from November 4th to November 13th. Collectors will be invited to visit the Metaverse Avatar online gallery starting October 20th.

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