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1923: Past Futures

, Triennale Milano, Milan

VIVE Arts is delighted to partner with the Triennale di Milano to present its first VR exploration titled 1923: Past Futures at the 23rd International Exhibition, Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries, which will take place from 15 July to 08 January, 2023 in Milan.  

1923: Past Futures is a journey through the rich history of the Fondazione La Triennale di Milano, celebrating the innovative and iconic role the institution has played throughout its history from 1923 to the present day. This linear virtual reality experience transports viewers through time, reconstructing a series of crucial spaces and moments from the Institution’s most important and impactful International Exhibitions. It offers an immersive, interactive journey, bringing to life the mission and heritage of the Triennale, its archives, and insights from significant Italian designers, curators and artists. This experience is developed by Milan-based Reframe Productions.

Unknown Unknowns include a wide range of exhibitions and projects featuring 400 artists, designers and architects from more than 40 countries, more than 600 works and 22 international participations. This exhibition curated by Ersilia Vaudo addresses the unknown as topic to investigate both the outside and our inner worlds.

To celebrate the launch, VIVE Arts will be releasing a quiz on Discord for every new chapter to be released, offering the community an immersive and interactive journey – inside and outside virtual reality – that’s not to be missed.

Learn more about the experience and find hints through our Discord. 

Image credit: VR still, 1923: Past Futures, Reframe Productions, 2022, courtesy of VIVE Arts and Triennale Milano



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