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Modigliani VR: The Ochre Atelier

, Tate Modern, London

Presented through a major partnership between VIVE Arts and London’s Tate ModernModigliani VR: The Ochre Atelier transports you to early 20th-century Paris, taking you inside the studio of artist Amedeo Modigliani, recreated in virtual reality, was created to accompany the most comprehensive exhibition of Modigliani’s work held in the UK to-date, which opened at Tate Modern in November 2017.

Drawing upon extensive archival materials and new research, Modigliani VR: The Ochre Atelier provides fresh insight into the work and life of one of the most celebrated and best known artists in the early-twentieth century. Details, including the layout of Modigliani’s studio, and the type of brushes he used, have been carefully recreated using information from documentary materials. The VR experience was the first of its kind to be presented at Tate Modern. 

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