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Mucha Foundation’s Roadmap into the Web3 World

, Timeless Mucha Launchpad

VIVE Arts continues its long-term collaboration with the Mucha Foundation in exploring innovative ways to promote and celebrate Art Nouveau pioneer Alphonse Mucha’s legacy in the age of Web3 and the metaverse with a customized NFT launchpad project paired with NFT sales and the objective to build a virtual Mucha Museum. This project consists of 5 drops featuring 99 iconic artworks offered through June and July, ending with the special auction of the legendary Gismonda and Slav Epic VR a truly awesome selection covering a wide range of the artist’s most well-known works from theatre posters to monumental paintings honoured in Czech national history.

This tailored launchpad project pays homage to Mucha’s life and work by immortalizing and putting the spotlight on the artist’s unique oeuvre on blockchain using the Genesis Mechanism. Alphonse Mucha is renowned for his large-scale lithographs that continue to inspire a century on. This mechanism allows the collector to choose a favored artwork from the selection offered, and the resulting NFT will be generated with varied degrees of colour tonalities to evoke and imitate real-life lithographic printing process. The colour variation range is a studied result based on tests and input from Marcus Mucha of the Mucha Foundation.

Mucha’s works never fails to inspire because it succeeds throughout time and space to unite people and their interests. Community engagement is another pillar of this project. One of this launch is to make art collecting a truly collective, interactive, and participatory experience. An extensive proposition of activities and content will be offered throughout the duration of the project to all Mucha enthusiasts whether you are a collector, an artist, a long-time fan, or a newbie to the style. For decades, the Foundation’s mission has been to promote the artistic heritage and legacy of a great artist. Today, it finds new possibilities in the Web3 world.

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